November 14, 2014


It’s a select gathering tonight. Here in Casa Uborka, I’m eating crisps for tea and finishing off the miraculously leftover wine from last night. Pete’s gone out to play poker, which if he’s any good at it, might be his new job.

The highlight of my week was being offered a job within half an hour of the interview, despite the interviewers having told me that they would be making the decision that evening and phoning the successful candidate in the morning. Yes I am smug. One of the questions they asked me was what did I consider to be the challenges of working from home. I answered, honestly, that my biggest challenge was being distracted by internet forums. As I was being interviewed for a job on an internet forum, this did not appear to have been a bad answer.

But this does bring us nicely to Lyle‘s claim that working from home makes him “flumpy.” We don’t know what “flumpy” is but we assume it’s to do with taking frequent breaks to do laundry, make bread, accept a supermarket delivery, have a nap, and watch last night’s episode of Masterchef on iPlayer. This is what I do, when not being distracted by internet forums. Lyle, of course, does it with vodka.

Asta, on the other hand, claims that visiting Ikea is work. Some of us would agree with that. Happily she finds time in her busy day to make apple peel bourbon, for which we require the recipe.

Ms Gammidgy appears to be the only one with a proper job here. She also has a proper house, so she’s a proper grown up and everything. Ms G, I raise a glass to you: you have Made It.


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