December 12, 2014

Bar’s Open

Last night I turned up to run an antenatal class, opened the boot of my car, and realised that I had forgotten to pack my teaching kit. Luckily I had my refreshments bag, a pencil case with pens and scraps of paper, and a flip chart. Even more luckily, I was teaching in a school venue, and it was parents’ evening so there were still some teachers around, from whom I begged to borrow a doll. They gave me baby jesus out of the nativity scene, and I taught positions for breastfeeding using him.

Today’s cocktails will be given to those deserving souls who can tell a tale of similar work-related disaster.


3 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Phew, close call. Once I turned up to work without my tie and had to weave one from paperclips and telephone wipes. True story.

    I’ll have a pint.

    Gammidgy on December 12, 2014
  2. I can’t think of any: too busy getting ready for a party and hoping to avoid disasters on that front.
    I’ll be serving Apple Bourbon Bombs to my guests, so I’ll have one of those please, as soon as I can find a store in this city that sells plain apple cider.

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