December 21, 2014

Let Pentival Commence

2014-12-21 14.50.00 Today started early for a Sunday. We got up and had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at 8am, and we had two presents each. Don’t worry, there are plenty left.

I had a work shift until 11, and after lunch we went out geocaching in a nearby village, achieving a very low 50% find rate. Usually we are a lot better than that. The location was chosen to take us home via a christmas tree farm, where we purchased a tree-in-a-pot. Pete and I apparently disagreed about what makes a good tree, but obviously not so much that I didn’t get the tree I liked.

There is a ham in the oven, red cabbage braising slowly beside it, and the tree has been decorated. The sun is setting so I’m about to light candles around the house, and we might even break open the 9 year old box of crackers that has been back to the attic every year on the 6th January.

Merry Solstice everyone!

p.s. The baby was born on Thursday, so there is no more “provided I am not at the birth. Though there is a slight issue with New Year’s Eve that I need to mention to the Gammidgys.


1 thought on “Let Pentival Commence

  1. Sounds like an excellent start. Don’t keep us in suspense….

    Ms Gammidgy on December 21, 2014

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