February 10, 2015

Book Club

I am currently reading:

The Norm Chronicles (13 – non-fiction), but struggling to find time for it.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (1 – more than 500 pages; 3 – became a movie; 7 – non-human characters e.g. Hagrid is half-giant; 38 – magic; but not, imo, 50 – a children’s book). You can’t begin to imagine how happy I am to be on the final one.


Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding (again 13 – non-fiction). I am reviewing this for NCT. It is not a fun read.

What are you between the pages of this week?

The List


6 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. I finished “knitting yarns”, which I really loved. It covers 13 and 25 – memoir and non fiction. I’m now halfway through Mr Mac and Me by the gorgeous Esther Freud, which will tick numbers 4 (published in the past year), 15 (a favourite author), 18… Maybe. It is heavily fictionalised but Charles Rennie Macintosh did spend some time in Walberswick and the boy did live in the pub and have lots of dead siblings. (I know this because I purchased it at a reading/signing). I didn’t choose it based on its cover, but the cover is very beautiful.

  2. As discussed, I’m much intrigued by CRM and have accidentally just purchased this for my kindle.

  3. That will nicely tick off ‘recommended by a friend’ for you

  4. I’ve finished We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler.

    This is the book a raft of friends and acquaintances recommended and more than a few told me to keep a box of tissues nearby.It’s the story of a young woman’s coming to terms with her childhood. To say anymore is to wreck the keystone of the novel.
    I was touched by the story, but I was about declare that it didn’t make me cry. Then I read the last eight sentences.

    It ticks boxes 12,16,37,40,45

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