February 2, 2015

Book Group

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Help me match these books to categories!

I’m reading Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson, which ticks:
15. A book from an author you love, that you haven’t read yet. (I read my first KA when I was in Budapest, and have read most of her work).
16. A book a friend recommended. (It seems very likely that Lisa would have mentioned this one).
19. A book from the bottom of your to-read list/pile. (That’s my to-read pile, above).

But I think that is all.


6 thoughts on “Book Group

  1. Nah, sorry. I adore Kate Atkinson but this and Emotionally Weird are her weakest, in my opinion. I never went back to it. Should I give it another go?

  2. So it really only ticks two boxes? Damn. Well it needed reading, I’m going to work through this pile whether they tick boxes or not.

  3. You’ve only got 50 ticks to collect in a year and some book do 5 or more! So some that don’t tick are fine.
    I would appreciate some guidance on whether “for children” can include YA books?

  4. This whole “written for children” designation is foggy grey once we move in YA territory because the publishing world itself doesn’t seem too clear on the concept.
    I found this blog post somewhat helpful.

    I’m all for allowing YA. We could have some interesting discussions on what books qualify.

  5. Harry Potter is an interesting conundrum, then. I’d say the first three are definitely children’s books, then they stray into teen fiction. There has been an inordinate amount of snogging in the one I’m currently reading.

  6. Harry potter is interesting because it was the first (? I believe?) book to be published with both a children’s and an adult’s cover.
    Since we last discussed, I’ve finished the fault in our stars (query written for children, #50), which was recommended by a ton of people (#16) who claimed it was a weepy (#37). I haven’t read anything by the author before (#40) and what parent doesn’t find childhood cancer scary(#21)? #12 – a book set in a different country – makes me say “different from what?” but this was set in the US and Amsterdam so qualifies there too. And it is a movie (#3). Look at that one go! I can’t say I loved it like so many people seem to, but it was a good non-soppy romance with interesting characters. I just don’t love YA like so many people seem to – probably my favourite was the Hunger Games (only the first one) but I just find they lack depth. Obviously, and that is what they are for. But.
    I also need guidance on the “book you can finish in a day” because I also read “the drugs don’t work”, which is a Penguin short and comes in around 100 pages. The pre-children me, or possibly me on holiday now, would easily knock it off in a day but it took me three – I was reading other stuff. Should it be changed to “a book you read in a day”? It also ticks non-fiction (#13), and frightening again (#21).
    Now I am going to read that blog post Asta.

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