May 23, 2015

Ready to fly

We are all checked in for Budapest and, in this newfangled fashion, I have printed our boarding documents. I have also packed our toiletries into ziplock bags and everything else is in hand-luggage sized cases (actually come to think of it, our luggage is mostly hand-luggage sized anyway). Bernard has flown once before, to Barcelona at the age of three. He was very, very excited, and squealed “up up and away” as the plane took off. At nearly-9 going on nearly-14 he will probably be too cool for that sort of thing this time.

Also newfangledly we are staying in an AirB&B, and now that I am a responsible grown up with numerous expensive devices, I also have travel insurance. Funny how things change.

We are staying right beside Margit Island, which has a 5km running track around it. So that’s going to be novel too.

Bernard is mostly looking forward to eating gulyas out of a cauldron.


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