April 17, 2016

Uborkast Episode 3

In this episode, Karen and Pete discover how little they can remember about Game of Thrones; mention going to the tip several times, and swear more than once. There is an in-depth interview with Bernard, a much better version of the Pina Colada song, and more than enough discussion of black toenails and wet nursing.


1 thought on “Uborkast Episode 3

  1. OK – you hooked me. You don’t need to send me a blackened toenail, although I am honoured by the thought. Interesting* running fact: I have never yet lost a toenail because of running, although the big toenail on my right foot develops ripples.

    Speaking of craft ale (and although I have a beard, tan brogues and I’m having a pair of artisanally crafted lederhosen trousers made by a 7th generation Austrian craftsman, I refuse to accept that I am a hipster). Did you see the article in the Guardian about how the german beer purity law, the reinheitsgebot, is killing the craft beer industry? Apparently, if you add anything bar the ingredients listed in a 500 year old law, you legally can’t call your product beer. Worth looking up.

    Good Game of Thrones chat too. More Bernard would be excellent too.

    *may not actually be interesting.

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