January 7, 2017

Oslar Coffee

I have been going to this cafe for a long time – since it opened – so i came back today to write a post on it. Thank you Lyle and Clair for the comments. I have wanted to go to Oslar Coffee again because I haven’t been for a while. I also have a picture on the wall in the second room!

My Lunch

My second place is a cafe, Oslar Coffee to be exact. My star rating is a 9/10, I rate 9 because the service was a 10/10, only 2 – 3 minute wait! I ate the Ham & Cheese Panini’ which is definitely a 9/10, it was very hot so I CAN NOT believe, I don’t even WANT to think HOW hot the spicy is. I also had a Mango Drink which was a 8/10 because there wasn’t a large taste of mango in it. if I came back again then I would have a ‘BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito’ because it sounds like something I would like. In my ‘Ham and Cheese Panini’ the cheese was very gooey and lovely, the ham was nice and soft.

I am sorry if you are annoyed that this is shorter but it is still very good, I recommend this place.



2 thoughts on “Oslar Coffee

  1. For the record, Pete and I shared a meatball panini and a bacon and hash brown panini, both of which were delicious.

  2. That does look like some nice gooey and lovely cheese!

    I hope you get to try the BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito next time, that sounds very tasty indeed!

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