January 2, 2017

Treatz Dessert Parlour

Hi, On Uborka I shall be, every now and then, putting up restaurant, pub, inn, diner, cafe and other. reviews so YOU can see what I suggest. I hope you like this, I will try my best. I will put up my star rating and why, what I ate there and how quick service was, if I came back again what different thing I might eat and why and why I liked my food.

My first place is an other. It is a dessert parlour, what should you call it? Mum says it should be a cafe but I don’t know. My star rating is a 9/10. I rate it 9 because the food is AWESOMELY AMAZINGLY PRO! I had a ‘Signature Platter’ with my mum and dad and if you think it sounds nice then you are so right! The ‘Signature Platter’ was a  big plate with 5 different pieces of food on it and a BIG bowl of dipping chocolate sauce in the middle. The 5 different items were: Oreos (Chocolate & Milk), Squidgy Wafers, big marshmallows and chopped up strawberries and bananas (very ripe and tasted sweet). The service was quite quick so it is good to just drop in for a quick snack. If I came back again then I would have the toffee (or was it fudge) waffle basket which is a ice cream inside a bowl made out of waffles covered in sauce. I liked my food because it was well presented and tasted great for how little time it took to make. They managed to make the banana with the amount of ripeness I like.

I hope you enjoyed my review it is definitely recommended by me and probably lots of others.

by Bernard


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