December 11, 2016

Garden Furniture

When we first moved into this house ten years ago, we had no furniture, so we spent the first week making do with the dregs that the previous occupant had left behind. As a result, there was a certain amount of garden furniture indoor usage involved.

The IKEA sofa which brought this silly state of affairs to an end is now ready to be replaced. It has served us well, but a younger, flashier, sexier sofa dressed in red leather has drawn our collective eye, and we’re too weak to resist. It will arrive this week, and to avoid having everything happen at the same time, we’ve moved the old sofa into the conservatory today, where Maisy can have it all to herself until it is taken away.

In the meantime, we shall once again sit on garden furniture.


1 thought on “Garden Furniture

  1. I feel like there should have been a photograph to accompany this post.

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