June 24, 2018


Halfway through today’s walk I theatrically slapped my forehead when I realised that I had forgotten to post my regular morning photo!

We weren’t quite able to attain our day 2 goal of reaching Canary Wharf, and instead had to be happy with Wapping. On the plus side, that left us more time for drinking with friends, so all in all I’d call it a victory.

Of course, being two miles short on Saturday left us playing catch up today. With a deadline to be home by, we knew there was little chance of reaching the barrier, and indeed it seemed more likely that we’d end up losing another two miles. But impressively we didn’t, putting us in the situation of finishing the day’s walking at the Dome with two miles left to the barrier. It’s a small shame to come so far and not finish the job, but the silver lining is that we can go back with Bernard and enjoy those last two miles together.


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