June 28, 2019

The MCU Project: Thor The Dark World [2013]

Thor The Dark World seemed much less objectifying than the last Thor and I didn’t really seem to get what the Dark World was but that probably doesn’t matter, the Dark World doesn’t seem too major in this film.

It starts off with Thor’s crew fighting in a battle field, they seem completely outnumbered but thanks to Movie Logic they still win, no points why because Thor comes flying in, hits his hammer on the ground and makes a very large earthquake which is extremely powerful but only spreads out around 50 yards. He fights a few more times, this time more of a fighting montage cutting between different fights.

Then we cut back to girls in their early 20s who are exploring some sort of abandoned building which has powers to move stuff around and into other dimensions. Jane (Main early 20s girl) is there with another girl called Darcie who is by some chance the other early 20s girl from Thor. Darcie and some other people they find are having fun with a portal which just leads to another portal above it but weirdly, sometimes when they go through, they don’t come out the top portal but that is probably just RNG. Jane goes exploring and finds a weird doorway in a weird building which seems to have other weird things. That’s the power of 3 there. There is a strange power generator on the other side. Elon Musk should try that for unlimited energy. It takes control of her. oOoOoOhHhH SpOoOoOkYyYyY.

Thor takes her back to Asgard then sets off into the ice enemy world which has been around a while and they have always been enemies. Thor gets betrayed by Loki and Loki hands Thor over to the ice enemies DUN DUN DUNNNN but then when the ice leader reaches for Loki, Loki kills him! DUN DUN DUNNNN and it turns out Loki just double-crossed the ice creatures.The ice enemies are back in Earth but Thor is stuck in the ice creatures world!!!!!

Thor finds the other side of the portal which is a big yay for everyone. This seems to be the destination from where the thingys come through if they don’t come back through the top. He heads back and saves the day regular Superhero Style.

It wasn’t a particularly special film, there wasn’t much which differed it from other films inside the MCU series so far and other similar style films as well.


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