September 4, 2020

Back to School Cocktails

This is the sort of week that would have sent me straight for a large glass of wine or two by Friday evening, a year or two ago: I had university induction and new students in all their colourful glory, thankfully all online; and Bernard has gone back to school, thankfully not online, but lockdown is effectively over for Casa Uborka – our walls have been breached and the child is now our own personal disease vector. So wine, except not wine, because we don’t do wine around here anymore, but maybe one of these nice sodas that arrived from Square Root, thanks to Lori’s recommendation last week. See you for one of these fizzy delights at 5pm.


2 thoughts on “Back to School Cocktails

  1. Iā€™m venturing into the office this afternoon to grab some bits and pieces from my desk, but am planning to be back home by 5 with a Square Root soda in hand to join you on Zoom. Will no doubt have a virtual background of a photo from my afternoon adventures šŸ™‚

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