December 4, 2020

Tea Advent Day 4

Now this is more like it: late morning cup of tea, and almost midday before I even glanced at my laptop. Furthermore, the tea, Vietnam Mountain Snow – spoiler alert – is excellent. Like an Assam without the bitterness, it says on the box, and I’d agree. A lovely tawny colour in the pot, and pleasingly dark when added to the milk, with a spicy cocoa aroma and a proper full tea-like taste. I’m not being funny, like, but I just don’t have the palate to discern the red grape or the caramel finish; it just tastes like a fine cup of tea, which is what I want it to taste like.

Today’s mug features white sheep on a green background. It was given to me by my very first boyfriend, for my 17th birthday. It is therefore one of my oldest possessions. I usually like it for hot chocolate or herbal tea, but it’s getting a grown-up outing today.

p.s. cocktails at 5?


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