December 3, 2020

Tea Advent Day 3

I have been getting curiouser and curiouser about this tea, all day, and of course the day has got away with me again. I didn’t even get the chance to write this post while drinking the tea, because I still had a load of student feedback to write, but I’ve done that now and tomorrow’s my day off, so I hold out hope for an earlier teabreak.

This Alice In Wonderland -inspired tea is one of those with stuff mixed into it, mucked about with tea, as it were. I spilled it on the side so that you could see the bits:

This is usually not a good sign. I have tea in the cupboard with whole cloves in it, which absolutely proves that tea should not be muched about with in this way. I like tea to be straightforward, and less flowery, with the exception of the aforementioned Raspberry Ruffle, which has great bits of dessicated coconut in it, amongst other things, and is just fab.

I waited a little longer before pouring the tea today, so achieved a better colour. The tea’s smell was excruciatingly sweet, and this translated into taste: the box describes it as a “jammy character,” but I think they are trying to be funny. They also suggest that it’s subtle, which it isn’t. My least favourite of the teas so far, but served in a mug with a unique design, by my Aunty Kathy.


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