April 13, 2004

Blame attribution

Whose fault was it that every single Uborka entry was deleted?
Uhm… no idea.


13 thoughts on “Blame attribution

  1. This would only be funnier if it had happened on April 1st.
    Just for the record, Pete, I still love you.

    Karen on April 13, 2004
  2. Oops.
    Anyone for a nice cup of tea?
    If I happen to see some lost archives making their way unsteadily around the interwebnet, I shall let you know.

  3. Great! That complete dirge that Vaughan and I produced last week has been expunged from the web! Hurrah!
    Can we have another go now? And get it right this time?

  4. I bet your host does back-ups.
    Failing that, there’s also the Google cache…
    But I’m still insisting on a problem from GC

  5. The old posts are still there. Well, some of them. I know, because I linked to one and it still appears.
    Don’t let Graybo and me come back. We’ll only post pictures of plants, you know. Shocking behaviour.

  6. You know that bit where the box pops up and asks “Are you sure?” …. sometimes its good to click no!!!

  7. Yeah, but I’m in the habit of clicking yes. It comes naturally these days.

    Pete on April 14, 2004

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