April 13, 2004

KH Writes

Dear Auntie Mark&Steph
My boyfriend, the crazy fool, has just accidentally deleted our weblog. This wouldn’t matter so much if it wasn’t mostly being written by other people these days, but as it is, all those contributions have been cruelly wiped off the face of the interweb.
Is this grounds for divorce?
Yours hopelessly,

Auntie Ubi replies:
Never fear, you poor, frightened souls. All the archive pages are safe and sound, and the only problem is that we can’t get them back on the front page, which means that the commentses are effectively closed.
The best I can manage is to point you to the archived pages:
E.S. writes
D.P. writes
A.D. writes
B.S. writes
Agony Week
I suggest that if you have a problem, you can ask for Mark&Steph’s help at the end of this post. I’m sure they’ll get back to you just as soon as Pete has reinstated their logins.
And as for divorce, my dear, I’m assuming that was entirely rhetorical. Why, you say yourself, only one post down, that you still love him. My advice would be a spot of relationship counselling, and perhaps he could compensate you for your stress this evening, with, say, a lot of chocolate.


2 thoughts on “KH Writes

  1. that’s what relationships are about. blogs and chocolate. *nods wisely* blogs aaaannnd chocolate.

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