April 23, 2004

Drunken Post

I might be drunk, but there’s always a core of sense.


9 thoughts on “Drunken Post

  1. Oh, that’s quite sensible for a dunken post. Or even a drunken post. And I’m not (drunk, that is, despite my inability to spell).

  2. Funny, I always thought that the only good reason to drink was to get rid of that pesky “core of sense.”

    loren on April 24, 2004
  3. ok. nowe im drunk and imnot goiung back and edditing typos. aha! you ee! PERFECTR. neafrly.; it’ll do/.
    io can detect6 stong core pgf sense in me even noiw. its like thers a sober mind in mine and iot knoiws what iot wants tgo sasy but theres a fumble b#uffer.
    my hands appeware to be working just foine,. hand to eye coordination is good. the bfdumble buffer is my arch nemesis. edvujl fumble buffer! bad fumble buffer. or sholuld thar be baffle/ fumble baffle.
    hope4 you all bhave a great night and nice weekend. yay for ubiorka!

  4. Due to circumstances beyond my control (computer packing in, having to work long hours overtime to pay for new one), I will be unable to guest post this month so I’d like to withdraw my name please. Sorry.

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