April 24, 2004

Damn CSS

Much as I hate to admit it, for once I am stumped.
Users of Mozilla and similar browsers will observe the green border around the authoricons, indicating that they are hyperlinks to the websites of the post’s author*.
However, Internet Explorer seems to be rendering them using the default link colours (blue and purple). I have bashed and bashed and bashed away at the stylesheet, I have tried Google, but all to no avail.
So I throw this open to you. The prize is a free copy of Get To The Next Screen. And if you don’t know what that is, then it will be a nice surprise for you.
UPDATE: I should really have defined what the prize was for. I haven’t decided yet. If I decide that the prize should go to the first person to give a correct solution, then Adrian will receive it. If I decide that the prize should go to the cleanest solution, then Dave will receive it. In the interests of setting a good example to all programmers out there, I am currently biasing slightly towards the latter. Feel free to attempt to bribe me.
* I am considering altering this at some point, so that each author has their own personal information page within the Uborka domain.


21 thoughts on “Damn CSS

  1. Hope this comes out
    .title a:link, .title a:visited
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #green;
    .title a:active, .title a:hover
    background-color: red;
    color: red;
    .title a:hover img, .title a:active img
    border: 5px solid red;
    padding: 0px;
    .title a img
    border: 5px solid green;

  2. With rollover code too.
    You should be able to eliminate out of that what you don’t need or want.

  3. The first comment was perfect.
    The second comment was redundant.
    The third comment was helpful, yet implicit.
    The fourth comment was cocky.
    The fifth comment was unnecessary, as you clearly managed to figure it out for yourself.
    The sixth comment I heartily agree with.

    King Pete on April 24, 2004
  4. Easiest way would probably be
    a.title img{border:1px solid #006600;}
    for active visited and hovers, but I might just be being lazy.

  5. Pete I am using IE and I see the little green border here at home… I’ll check from work too but looks like it’s working fine for me – of course by now I am sure you have fixed the problem and my comments are useless.. but just thought I would tell ya…

  6. Ah, now I’m in a dilemma. Do I send the CD to the first correct solution, or do the most concise solution?

    King Pete on April 24, 2004
  7. Thanks for the comment on my first comment.
    The comment on my second comment was implicit.
    The comment on my third comment need no clarification.
    The comment on my fourth comment was accurate, but implied agreement.
    The comment on my fifth comment was true, but had the potential to inflate my ego which is dangerous.
    The comment on my sixth comment I heartily agree with.

  8. Thank you for the comments on my comments on your comments.
    My comment on your fourth comment did not imply agreement, as your comment on my comment on your fourth comment suggests. Though I understand why this additional feature would be useful to you, I am not going to implement it.
    Your comment on my comment on your fifth comment is quite surprising to me. I’m sure that you are not the only person with the capability to examine the source code for the HTML to determine the location of the CSS file, and then bring the aforementioned CSS file up in an ASCII or Unicode based text viewer.
    Your comment on my comment on your sixth comment I heartily disagree with.

    King Pete on April 24, 2004
  9. It’s simple, and it works.
    In the interests of code maintainability, greenhamster’s code is superior. It does the job efficiently and cleanly without any superfluous verbiage or side-effects.

    King Pete on April 24, 2004
  10. Dave’s code solved your problem.
    My code solved your problem and gave you some additional code on the possibility that it would useful to you. I anticipated that you may choose to run hover effects at some point and you would run into the same problems I did.
    You should give the prize to Dave, as I did not read the requirements, but glanced over it and gave you the solution I thought you wanted. Any surprise I work as a consultant.

  11. Stupid? Nah. I’m the one completely confused by the my comment on your comment side of things.

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