April 21, 2004

New Uborka Feature

I’m going to call them Authoricons.
Aren’t they pretty?


19 thoughts on “New Uborka Feature

  1. Mighty pretty. Calling Steph: we have a nice pic of you, but you might prefer not to have your face plastered all over Uborka – please let us know!

    Karen on April 21, 2004
  2. Wasn’t that what the Transformers were called when they stopped the in-fighting and combined Autobots with Decepticons? Does this mean the images will transform into cars and planes and shit?

  3. Will the images transform into shit?, asks D.

  4. If Graybo and I ever guest on Uborka again, we demand little Authoricons of plants. I’ll have a cactus. Or a pansy. Oh, decisions, decisions.

  5. Glad that you all like.
    Vaughan, Karen and I were thinking that when all guests have had their respective weeks, we’d do another Uborgy. In which case, icons would be required for all involved.

    King Pete on April 21, 2004
  6. Unbelievable!
    Adrian missed the most innuendo-laden term to be coined at Uborka.

  7. sure, karen, plaster away… though i must admit i’m a teeny bit scared…

    steph on April 22, 2004
  8. No, D, Authoricons were evil transformers who fought the autobots by writing endless posts about agony aunts, kittens, cacti, and kidnapped animals.
    Authoricons: bloggers in disguise.

  9. Now what would be crazy was if there were Authoricons for comments, with a selection of amusing wildcards for non-regular Uborkites.
    But that might be seen as exclusionist.

  10. I could do it in a snap, but then Uborka would end up looking like a LiveJournal. And we most definitely do not want that.

    King Pete on April 22, 2004
  11. What would be even cooler would be MUSICAL Authoricons, where they play short tunes when your mouse rolls over them. Wouldn’t that be just SO cool, cooler than the most cool thing ever?
    Er . . .

  12. Why worry about it looking like a Livejournal when the sheer volume of comments this place gets makes it more like a Metafilter-style forum?

  13. Dr Pock: please design your own authoricon.
    Thank you.

    Karen on April 22, 2004

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