April 21, 2004

The Joy of Corruption: The Clock’s Homework Club

Kate is hardcore. She has cast off the bounds of the conventional Uborka collaboration. We did kind of agree that as she produced the sparkling gem that is the Sandbox Series, that I would come up with child-like analysis of my adult life…
…it wasn’t that different to my usual posts.
So I didn’t post yesterday.
But – Kate is like the Uborka equivalent of the Duracell Bunny. She will keep the entire site going by herself if she has to (ably assisted by Pete’s drawer-based ruminations, as it turned out). I left her in the spotlight. I ran away behind the curtain. I choked. I stalled. I…
…had to work.
Anyway. Whilst the guesting proceeds at full pelt, I think Kate and I’s theme will be ‘Patchwork’ or…blogging as it’s otherwise known. Yes.
In the absence of actual things to write, I shall point you at The Clock…Doctor Pockless and Dr. Badgett have been warping young minds, subverting the institution of poetry, and tearing away the beneficial aspects of this nation’s educational behemoth, all in the interests of entertainment.
The pair help out here…
Welcome to Africa, Oh you delightful scholars, one and all…
…and Doctor P says all that needs to be said…
Please wash your hands after reading this poem.
There are about three million children out there just in the UK, and English is compulsory until the age of 16.
Bring it on.


12 thoughts on “The Joy of Corruption: The Clock’s Homework Club

  1. Bring it on, ineed, Dr. Badgett. Allow me to draw your attention to the young pups in want of edification here. I’ll get round to them later, but if their cries for help torment you, please be my guest. As for myself, I’m going for lunch. Their prolonged agony helps me to digest and makes the payoff that little bit sweeter.
    Do you not find?

  2. Sheer brilliance, as ever. I’ve been regularly passing these to an educationalist friend of mine, who has responsibilities for selecting poetry for the national curriculum. They’ve been doing the rounds, and Pockless (and now Badgett, I dare say) is fast becoming something of a cult figure in certain circles.

  3. I wonder if perhaps Stewie’s muse is in fact more like a vampire, sucking him dry of all inspiration…

  4. ‘Stewie’?
    Oooh dear. OOh dear…
    Two things really.
    1) Didn’t Karen say she wanted to include poems from the National Curriculum so we could do it more?
    2) Now I feel like I have stolen the good Doctor’s thunder. Shame on me.

  5. If Mike’s sources can direct us towards the appropriate poetry selections, I feel we can offer a still better service to the nation’s youngsters.

    Karen on April 21, 2004
  6. Arg arg arg.
    Made a serious comment on The Clock.
    Excommunicate me, someone.

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