April 16, 2004

slice point

One of my comments on Slashdot was moderated +1 funny yesterday!
Then it was moderated -1 redundant.


13 thoughts on “slice point

  1. Humour +1
    Fact you didn’t delete the entire slashdot archive +1
         Starting Score: 1 point
         Moderation: -3
           100% Troll
         Total Score: -2

  2. Any chance of getting a drink round here, today?
    Blogger seems to on the blink, so no posting/reading posts of similarly afflicted persons…

  3. (the above addition to Adrian’s post was performed by the administrator)

    King Pete on April 16, 2004
  4. KH Writes:
    I’m terribly thirsty. Is anyone serving drinks?

    Karen (in the library at lunchtime) on April 16, 2004
  5. Can I have a word with the administrator. Quickly lest before my words get d

  6. D.P. writes
    Can I have a soothing chilled glass of ribena please? No alcohol, on account of the fact that my head hurts muchly from yesterday. We’re supposed to be moving offices at the weekend, and the local phone company decided in a rare bout of extra efficiency to connect up our phones at the new office two days early. In so doing, they completely cut off our current office rendering us totally incapable of work. We had no choice but to go to the pub.

  7. Thanks for that, Jim. Doesn’t make you special, you know.
    We all do it. Even my dad, I’ll bet.

    King Pete on April 22, 2004

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