May 7, 2004

African (cock)Tales

Some pimms in a hat for an African fairy (they make circles). But drunk upside down. Don’t spill it now.
Some sunny pride for an African doctor. (Dr. Pockless I presume).
Some English water and an English sunburn for an rooinek. (Pink’s better than yellow)
A vodka Kinshasa for an off coloured remark. (chew the lime and sugar and shoot the vodka).
Some rooibos tea for an African daisy. (A bush for a flower.)
A rainbow nation for the milk boy. (You wanted colours didn’t you)
A horny tusk for the klien bass. (Coming right up before I get beat)
An Irish for the melting goon. (Black and White, you got the theme)
Loverboy wants a bit of the klien bass’s horny tusk. Boy that a biggie. Loverboy also gets a slap for being impatient.
A hatless pimms for an travelling meisie. Some parts of Africa they are topless too.
And a whatever the she wants for the groot baas. I’ll be bloody if I don’t get her merry.
It’s been a gas. Thanks to everyone. Me and Marl love ya all. Just not in that way. Coming up sometime, a bloggers braai.


6 thoughts on “African (cock)Tales

  1. Those circles….look a bit like abandoned attempts at constructing a paddling pool to me….

  2. it’s africa – loverboy and i can tusk all we want. also, i prefer to be called “bwana kidogo”, thanks.

  3. Funnily enough, my father drinks Rooibos occasionally.
    *screws up face and makes vomiting gestures*
    p.s. I thought you were a girl Krissa. Or is I missing da point?

  4. Could be … can’t trust those pool workfairies not slack off.

  5. I like rooibos.
    Rooibos chai is better…

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