May 22, 2004

First we take Manhattan

Good morning. My name’s Jack and I’ll be your gaggingly enthusiastic host here on Uborka for the next week.

Along with my partner Dan we’ll be serving you some of the most lip-smacking, calorific, mouth watering, get-down-to-Weight-Watchers-and-beg-for-mercy pieces of… actually though, now I think of it I’m not 100% sure where Dan is.

Despite yesterday’s flurry of increasingly hysterical emails encompassing the popular themes of Goodness Is It Next Week Already, My How Time Flies and The Panic of Impending Uborka Guesting Has Started Me Off with Those Naked in My French GCSE Dreams Again, there remains some not small confusion within our partnership over who gets to wear the spangly leotard and who gets to throw the knives.

(He’s currently arguing most persuasively for the leotard, seemingly with the view that leaving this guest spot with detachable legs is a more than fair trade-off.)

So. Yes. Moist, crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth goodness lovingly handcrafted just for you, as soon as I find Dan and make him stop picking those sequins out of there.


7 thoughts on “First we take Manhattan

  1. Oh youre funny! i’m loving you!
    *wonders where jacks usual website is*

  2. hang on.. you aint jack… youre greenfairy?
    Am very confused now LOL
    *goes back where she came from to avoid further embarressment*

  3. I was meant to see Dan yesterday. But he called saying “something came up” and then called 5 hours later sounds either drunk, or high or being kidnapped. Not quite sure which.
    The plot thickens …

  4. Cool, it’s just like the Ewan kidnap week, except that this time it’s the actual guest who has been misappropriated.

    Karen on May 23, 2004
  5. I’ve found Dan. It was apparntly Swedish Twins that kidnapped him, not Ewan.

  6. Yes! I’m back. And it was the Swedish Twins who kidnapped me, God bless them.
    Blogging will commence…!

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