May 22, 2004

Where is Errol “Dud” Trabbet?

Not just in need of spectacles, mind. [Chuckling] Not a wee bit short sighted. Errol Trabbet couldn’t see a bloody thing, and he’d been driving a bus for West Midlands Travel for almost 4 years when they relised. [Stumbling over lung-deep guffaws] He probably wasn’t blind when he started, mind you, because he learnt the routes well enough, but after while that flaming loon was driving from pure memory. [Tears are streaming down Truncheon’s jowels by now, as he laughs uncontrollably at this memory]

The Uborgy’s greatest moment: finally forcing the Doctor to start a weblog.
Also, estee has, as always, insightful [deleted typo: inciteful] words on the subject of guest-performing at Uborka.
And, I think when I get to 1000 poems, I will stop.


10 thoughts on “Where is Errol “Dud” Trabbet?

  1. According to the Guardian a weblog is a log of the web. I like this definition, because I can call it to my defence when arguing that is not a weblog. It does not even aspire to logging the web, but rather the more humble task of assembling the disparate wordage of the esteemed Doctor.
    It is, if you like, a rough draft of the good reverend Doctor’s life work – a memoir of his memoirs, a guidebook to the portentous task of undermining reason wherever it threatens to take too strong a hold on the imagination.
    And if you should happen to know anything about the whereabouts of Errolr “Dud” Trabbet, please do let me know.

  2. But I’m running out of poems again.

    Karen on May 23, 2004
  3. Running out of poems?
    What about that rather spectacular epic that will shortly be being read by frowning commuters up and down the land?

  4. No, please don’t stop. There are lots of them about, lurking all over the place.

  5. Tell you what: you lot start suggesting poems, and I’ll go on posting.

    Karen on May 24, 2004
  6. If you can find the English language version of Ferlinghetti’s “Giacometti Summer” I’d be very happy. I only have it in Hunagarian, and have looked everywhere (or at least, 2 or 3 different places…)

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