May 1, 2004

Good Ikea

Now we are very grown up, we spent last Sunday going to a garden centre and then planting and pruning and stuff. This weekend being a bank holiday, of course we had to go to Ikea.
We had two really good reasons to go to Ikea:
1. The only slippers I ever want to wear are those soft comfy towelling ones that mould to your feet, that you can get in Ikea. They are the most marvellous foot experience that it is possible to have, but they are not terribly robust. The pair that I am wearing now were sent by Frau Doktor Pockless from Budapest, because I didn’t have an Ikea handy.
2. My new computer needed its own desk, and we have a handy little alcove that it could exist in, and I saw a marvellous little metal affair going cheap on the Ikea website.
So, off we went to Ikea, facing traffic and more traffic and people with children and more people and more children, just for to get me some slippers and a desk.
We got the desk.


We completely forgot the slippers.


So if anyone lives near an Ikea and could call in and buy a pair of slippers for me, size 7 (41), and post them to me, I’ll make you a pie.


3 thoughts on “Good Ikea

  1. Size 7? That’s massive, how do you ever manage to find women’s shoes that fit?

  2. I find that women’s shoes in size 7 fit quite well. You can obtain them online, and also from shoe shops.

    Karen on May 2, 2004
  3. I’m not a slippers man, but I find the rest of my family loves a good pair of sheepskin slippers.

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