May 2, 2004

Thanks for watching, POTM is now closed

I don’t know quite how long we’ve been doing POTM, maybe not quite a year; but now seems a good time to draw it to a graceful close.
Our April nominations, as ever, were of a majestic calibre; and the jury has discussed this extensively, this morning, while brushing their teeth.
It is our absolute delight to award the final Post of the Month to Acerbia, for Eden.
The virtual champagne is on us.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for watching, POTM is now closed

  1. You’re doing it again. Posting after midnight.
    Turning into quite the Nocturnomath, aren’t you?

    Pete on May 2, 2004
  2. I’m viewing this “absolute delight” with narrow-eyed supicious mumblings… before my cynicism crumbles and I bound up onto the stage to make my acceptance speech.
    I’d just like to thank the Israeli Defence Force and the Regent whose park it was, and Granny Smith. I love you Granny, this one’s for you!

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