May 26, 2004

Well it happened years ago when you lived on Stanhope Road

A few days ago, d asked a question, which was, specifically, why do you ‘blog?. I notice that no-one has answered him satisfactorily, and so of course, being the sensible grown-up one around here, I can see that it’s up to me.
First of all, back in those far-off Umbrella Stand days, I ‘blogged because I could.
Then I ‘blogged, on Rise, because I was very, very lonely, and the blogosphere formed a substantial part of my support network.
Then I ‘blogged because I had nothing better to do at work than serve virtual tea parties every afternoon, which eventually became cocktail parties on Fridays.
Now I* carry on Uborka just because I worry that everyone will be thirsty without it, and I do my actual ‘blogging elsewhere.
I think that should just about cover everyone’s reasons for ‘blogging.
*By I, I mean most of you, of course.


8 thoughts on “Well it happened years ago when you lived on Stanhope Road

  1. I blog because I like the sound of my own voice, although I’m not sure how that works in text format.

  2. I ‘blog (note the quote) for a whole range of reasons, but the main (and probably crap) reason for starting d4d™ was that I wanted to see if I could a) start a project and keep it going, b) find enough shite to write/rant/talk about and c) what other people would think of my writing “style”.
    As such, it’s been pretty successful, I’d say. That still fazes me slightly, that other people do read it, and seem to like it – but it’s helped to persuade me to try other stuff too, and allow some ideas for the future to grow a bit.
    Since then, d4d (which was always more “personal publishing” than “‘blog”) has also provided a bit of a forum for photos, and other stuff too – and it’s also acted as a kick in the arse of the social life.
    And that’s why I (if I must) ‘blog.
    Oh, and the reason I’ve answered this here and not in the original question is because I’ve been thinking about it on-and-off for most of the week…

  3. I started blogging as a way to express and relieve the grief I was experiencing at the time, then I continued as I needed a place to vent about my asshat, then almost X, now I blog to keep friends up to date on me and the boys and of course to vent about my asshat X… Sometimes I even manage to discuss current events and share my view of the world…

  4. How did, how did those tea parties start ?
    I sometimes wonder about them.

    sue on May 27, 2004
  5. The tea parties started when I blogged, somewhat vacuously, I fancy a nice cup of earl grey, and Mark said that he would like one too. He might also have suggested lemon fondant fancies or something similarly delicate.

    Karen on May 28, 2004

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