June 11, 2004

An Incomplete A to Z of Cocktails
Order now to avoid disappointment!

You’ll have noticed, if you’ve been paying attention, that this week’s themes have been blogging and luuuurrvve. With luuuurrvve also being the theme of last week’s cocktail hour, the only other option was blogging. But Graybo and I thought about it and decided that beyond “Can I have an Obfuscation On The Beach and a Long, Slow Movable Type Up Against the Wall for the lady, please?” there really wasn’t much scope in that idea.
So this week’s theme is an A to Z of Cocktails. You will be requiring a tiny little bit of brain power, despite the fact that it’s Friday afternoon, so please pay attention.
The first person to order their cocktail shall request one beginning with the letter A, the second person will choose a cocktail starting with B, the third C and so on.
Heaven forbid, but if we get to 26 consecutive cocktails, two things will happen. First, I will be overcome with the excitement of it all and probably pass out, and second, the next person will start over again at A. Got that? Graybo and I will, however, allow certain leeway for people selecting drinks beginning with the same letter if they happen to post their comments at exactly the same moment.
Get ordering. If you’re really good, I may serve small bowls of Alphabetti Spaghetti in tomato sauce too. Mmm.


10 thoughts on “An Incomplete A to Z of Cocktails
Order now to avoid disappointment!

  1. Fantastic! I can have my signature cocktail: a bloody mary for me, please.

    Karen on June 11, 2004
  2. A California rootbeer, please.
    (Californian Rootbeer:
    Cola, Galliano, Vodka, Stirrer)
    Because it sounds non-alcoholic, but it bloody isn’t.
    Not in the amounts I plan to drink it in, anyway.

  3. It’ll have to be a Daiquiri for me then please. With Jelly Tots. Or strawberries, if you don’t have any of those.

  4. I suppose I ought to have an English Highball in celebration of the copious sports England are taking part in this weekend, but considering my mood I’ll just have to settle for an El Bastardo but I’d rather have vodka in it than tequila if that’s all the same.

  5. I raise my glass to your splendid blog (and GF’s) with a Fairy(1 part Absinthe,1 part dark rum,1 part blue curacao,top up ginger ale, apparently.)
    Though what with the blue curacao and absinthe, the colour is a bit frightening. Not to mention the hangover tomorrow.

    annie on June 11, 2004
  6. Judging by the amount of stupid hassle I’m having this afternoon in trying to arrange a business trip to Barcelona, I think a Harvey *WALL!* *BANGER!* is deffo in order. Please.

  7. appropriately, i’ll have an Irresistible Manhattan please. easy on the bitters.

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