July 26, 2004

And the sleaze moves on

Photograph of Kirssa holding a slinky lingerie top


9 thoughts on “And the sleaze moves on

  1. Probably cause everyone is/was asleep. Patience my dear, finger them and they will come … (hee hee)

  2. Beneath his ecclesiastical robes he concealed a tobacco plantation where children were forced to work without reasonable compensation.

  3. The US Department of Justice wasn’t sure that Krissa had understood what “tagging offenders” really meant.

  4. Karen idly wonders whether Stuart is aware that Adrian is posting pictures of his fiancee featuring skimpy underwear, all over the internet.

    Karen on July 27, 2004
  5. “But… she was just here, standing wearing this.. then I pointed my finger at her and KBLAMMO!”

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