July 26, 2004

Load Testing Begins

load testing

I wanted to post an update on how the carpentry is going, but I didn’t want to be off topic.
Please caption my handiwork.


8 thoughts on “Load Testing Begins

  1. Fig. 3. The rate of acceleration suggests that we have disturbed something critical that controls the stability of the carbon cycle in our planet.

  2. Pete searched desperately for cigarettes in order to complete his Londonmark trap.

  3. In which Karen admires Pete’s craftsmanship and tells everyone how cool the new thingy-stand for going over the TV is. If she remembers rightly, the cross-thingies fit properly but it needs a little bit of sanding on one corner. The box of Guinness isn’t quite full enough to provide a genuine load test, but Pete has leaned on it a lot and it hasn’t fallen down yet.

    Karen on July 27, 2004
  4. Secretly the Playstation 2 resented the TV’s favored status and vowed to crash on a more regular basis unless booze was balanced atop it more often.

  5. The first test, support an empty cardboard box, passed with flying colours. Next up, a pound of feathers.

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