July 27, 2004

Just When You Thought…


In a dramatic misunderstanding of what Blogrolls are really all about, and forgetting her own dyslexia, Aristide dives into shark.


12 thoughts on “Just When You Thought…

  1. Sports Illustrated were finding it ever more difficult to find willing models for the Swimsuit Issue.

  2. As everything around her went dark, Gertrude wondered whether Colin might not have been joking this time when he talked about the ‘Jaws of Death’.

  3. Kevin’s friends always moaned that all he did was “shark it” when he went near the beach.

  4. There’s some random generator you’re plucking these out of, isn’t there.

  5. “For god’s sake, let go of the tanning lotion!”
    Blondes on the beach: Take 23.

  6. Sporadic mushrooms caught undermining all that is good and pure.

    Pete on July 27, 2004

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