July 18, 2004


Uborka Towers is currently experiencing various issues with damp patches. On the walls, Sevitz. Also on the ceiling.


We first suspected a problem when we started seeing silverfish in the kitchen. They are very small and slithery, and apparently don’t do a great deal of harm unless there are lots of them, which there aren’t; but they have quite a pretty name. Disappointingly, they are not actually made of silver.
A plumber came and diagnosed a leaky header tank and suspected rising damp, and what pleased us most about all this is the fact that the house is rented, although the fact that the header tank stands in the loft directly over Pete’s side of the bed does cause a small amount of concern.
Late last night, I also noticed that the woodlice had come out to play downstairs. There were four of them, having a little party near the kitchen door. When we were kids, we used to call them slaters (but I know someone who refers to them as chuggypigs). The primary characteristic of woodlice is that they don’t make me scream, and at a push, I can actually pick one up on a large sheet of paper and put it outside.
Here are some handy recipes for woodlice.


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