July 3, 2004

Carpent With Pete 1

the first picture of my new TV cabinet

Today, I cut my 2440 x 306mm plank into three pieces. They have not yet been sanded down to their exact sizes, though it is clear at this stage that the side pieces need 15mm shaving off the bottom. The top panel will be fitting snugly with the side pieces, so the height of the side panels represent the total height of the unit. I also need to allow 20mm between the top panel and the top of the television, as I am going to be using two lengths of dowelling for taking the brunt of the weight.
The items which will be going on top of the unit are a Marantz CD-48 (439x74x302mm, 4kg)* and a Panasonic NV-HV60EB (430x87x282mm, 3.5kg)*. I have undertaken no load testing, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this unit won’t collapse when I put it into use. Perhaps I should run it with a 7.5kg dummy weight for a few days before putting expensive** appliances on top of it.
It is now raining, so production has been put on hold until tomorrow.
UPDATE 13:35 – between rainshowers, I have managed to do a little bit more sawing. I have cut the two lengths of dowelling, though not yet sanded them down to exact length. I have also started work on cutting the top panel into its correct shape, which is basically a rectangle with two 15 x 20mm tabs sticking out on each side.
UPDATE 14:44 – entry amended to use only metric units, following a very sane suggestion by Graybo. Further good weather has enabled me to start work on cutting the slots into the side panels, into which the dowelling will fit.
* manufacturer specifications
** compared to an egg cup. Not to a Bang & Olufsen


5 thoughts on “Carpent With Pete 1

  1. Is mixing Imperial and metric units of measurement a good idea? Didn’t NASA screw up a mission to Mars for that reason?

  2. So they tell us. I think they finally found intelligent life in the universe. Yes, I’m including Earth when I say that.

  3. Did nothing happen after 14:44, then? I was rather enjoying this. It was like minute-by-minute, blow-by-blow (oops) DIY p**n.

  4. After 14:44? I made a phone call, watched some tennis, and then went out for dinner. I feel that none of that has anything to do with DIY.

    Pete on July 4, 2004

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