July 13, 2004

keep your eye on the stars

I gotsta give props to your favourite band and mine Girlinky
They’re a lot like my blog: prolific, interesting, underground, and yet largely nonexistent. The only difficulty is picking a favourite song. I’m gonna go with Cowboy Conscience, which while failing to capture the dancy-poppy-fun that Girlinky is really not famous for, is surely one of the sweetest, saddest, bowel-shakingly bassiest songs you’ve ever not heard. But you could, you know….
ps- second nomination for Morrissey, as if LondonMark hadn’t beaten me to it I would have nominated ‘I Like You’ from the same album.


1 thought on “keep your eye on the stars

  1. I would have said Tsunami by Girlinky is pretty good, but then you went and ruined it with that Morrissey suggestion.

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