July 6, 2004


There once was a green and white blog
Written by every man and his dog
‘Til with consummate glee
It entered Phase Three
The concept of which will soon emerge from the fog.


23 thoughts on “Limerick

  1. Christ, somebody get that man a subscription to Hustler.

  2. You honestly think hustler is the smut for me? So wrong. So very wrong.

  3. Karen Uborka breaks with the established rhythm in the final line to mock the reader, who was anticipating an explanation of “phase three”. By employing such an obviously terrible misbeat, the reader stumbles in disappointment. The desired effect, without a doubt. As such, the line needs no work at all.
    When criticising form, BykerSink, it is prudent to take content into consideration.

  4. Boo, get off, all those who Boo get off, Boo get-offers. It’s not his fault he has to Boo to get off.

  5. While we all await
    The unveiling of Phase Three
    Think of all the guests.
    Poetry was never my strong point.

  6. Phase Three? You mean.. hang on… You think and plan this stuff? Wow. Colour me impressed – well colour me anything you like, just not green and white.
    Oi! Who said “Boo get off!”

  7. Gordon, it’s best not to think about just how much this is planned in advance. Uborka is but a petri dish in Karen and Pete’s laboratory, and we are but startled microbes.

  8. Staring up their comparatively monumental nostrils and wondering what our fates shalt be.
    Subtle reference to Chaucer there Pockers. Nicely done.

  9. Phase Three: When Cucumbers Attack.
    I had a phase once. But I got over it (I think).

  10. Microbes, or microorganisms are any living organism invisible or barely visible to the naked eye and generally observable only through a microscope (as by Karen or Pete). Bacteria are a sub-category of the microbe of which many different species exist.
    Some species of bacteria may be pathogenic causing disease in larger more complex organism whereas others form symbiotic relationships with these organisms thereby helping them to survive.
    What manner of bacteria are you, Adrian?
    Oh, and by the way, professors K & P, can you resend my log in details? I left them in my smoking jacket when it went to the cleaners.

  11. Adrian, the multiple-personalitied particle, obsessed with sleeze. You could almost write a cartoon out of that.

  12. Wow! This petri dish of Karen’s and Pete’s is really amazing. Not only does it contain all sorts of new microbes but it also contains a completely new type of quark, unknown to science until now.
    We’ve had up, down, top, bottom, strange and charm quarks so far but this is the first time anyone has created a sleaze quark before.
    Well done, guys!

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