July 7, 2004

Song For Eulot

Overheard coming from a cubicle at the Electric Ballroom last weekend:
Confidence is a prerequisite for the habitual reader of what is known as… (Marklife!)
Plot disclosure can be mute if you bumble along the route through what is known as… (Marklife!)
You’ve got writer’s envy, always intimidated by my first class posts – but you love every bit of it. (Marklife!)
Who’s that weirdo commenting? You should cut down on your Net-life, mate, get some fresh air! (Marklife!)
All the comments
So many comments
And they all go “Londonmark,
take us through what is, your Marklife”
Know what I mean?
I get up when I want, except on weekends, when I stay comatose until mid-afternoon. (Marklife!)
I put my trousers on, have a cup of coffee, and I think about going to work. (Marklife!)
I talk to kittens, I sometimes talk to sparrows too. It gives me easy content when I’ve run out of inspiration. (Marklife!)
And then I’m happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge there will always be a post for people to comment on.
Marklife – Marklife!
Marklife – Marklife!
It’s got nothing to do with your desktop publishing system, you know.
Marklife – Marklife!
And it’s not about you Livejournalists who go round and round and round…
Marklife – Marklife!


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