August 12, 2004

Where are the lay-deez

Interestingly, a theme of kink has only men posting.
Interestingly, a theme of kink has only me posting about perversion, not perverting the theme (although Dan and D were not that far off the money in fairness)
I might have to return to talking about my threesome*.
*Participants yet to be decided or in fact volunteer.


5 thoughts on “Where are the lay-deez

  1. Kink week has way been a let-down. What happened to the guy who ‘almost’ had a threesome?
    I would tell my ‘almost’ threesome story, but it’s all a bit graphic, really.

  2. Well, it’s, ah….technical, y’know? Requires hand movements to tell properly. I’ll try and draft something up but no garuntees!

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