September 17, 2004

17 Points for Cocktails

The rules are as follows:
You get points for the letters of your name, as signed up below [bad luck Sevitz, well done Pix].
These will be added to the points you scored for your drink, so those who allocated themselves to triple word scores did very nicely, thank you.
There will be a bonus 50 points for anyone who has ordered a copy of Pete’s album.
So, today’s results, in reverse order, and no prizes for guessing who the bloody winner is, as per bloody usual:

In last place, Ade, who didn’t even try to order a drink, as far as I can tell: 4 points. Pathetic.
Joint penultimacy is celebrated by Lyle and Graybo, on 27 points, closely preceded by Elsie with 28 and Green Fairy with 29.
Next is Pam, with a barely-respectable 45 points.
Surprisingly, Vaughan only scored 76, even with his bonus 50 points. Perhaps I have added it up wrong; you know what my maths is like.
Gordon is the first player to break the 100, with a nice round 106 points.
Cheekily, third and fourth places go to people who have not yet ordered their copies of Get To The Next Screen: Dave on 122, and Adrian on 143. I expect that’s an oversight, isn’t it, chaps?
No surprise at all, because she is a canny player (and I hate having the turn after hers, because she gets nasty), Pix is in second place with 154 points; and…
Doctor Pockless wins, with 188 points.
Story of my bloody life.


5 thoughts on “17 Points for Cocktails

  1. Pah. I claim unfair advantage for people who don’t play Scrabble. What the feck is a “triple word score”? Sounds like something Bush would use as an excuse to invade Monaco!!

  2. Heh – Doctor Pockless with a 112-point winning margin over me? ME??? That would never happen, would it? 🙂

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