September 17, 2004

Scrabbling for Drinks

I’m tempted to say that you can only have a cocktail if you order a copy of Pete’s CD.
But the Scrabble theme shall apply as well. You’ll need to work out your score to qualify for a drink, though.


14 thoughts on “Scrabbling for Drinks

  1. Mine’s a PINT – that’s 6 points if I didn’t do anything clever, and 113 if I did it by adding the second T of SEXTANT to PIN on a triple word score, thus playing all 7 letters from my rack.
    Judging by my games this week, it’s more likely to be the former.

  2. Well, I was going to have a ZOMBIE for a score of 19, but I’m afraid not even my win-at-all-costs approach to Scrabble could make me warm to apricot brandy. So I’ll stick to VODKA for 13 if I may, a triple (word score) if you’d be so kind.

  3. Bobbins. I feared my inline image wouldn’t make it to the comments box. Maybe it would’ve been easier to find a Scrabble scorer online…

  4. I think I’ll stick with “Black russian”, please – which works out as something like 19, if my memory of the scores on the tiles is right.
    I’d have gone for a Kamikaze, but I can’t remember how many Ks there are in a set.

  5. 48 pints of Guinness please.
    Sorry, 48 points for Guinness, just the 24 pints will do….

  6. To order a VODKA AND TONIC would call for spaces, which aren’t permitted in Scrabble. So, instead, I’ll have a MOJITO, which gives me 15 points. Please and thank you.

  7. I will add “hopper” onto the previous word “grass” as it’s not possible to form that with my tiles alone. Grasshopper on a double word score is 38.

  8. I’ll have a TEQUILA please.
    Having landed on a double word score and with the letter “Q” sitting on a triple letter score, for oodles of points.

  9. I think I’ll stick with the same drink as last week and have a VOODOO DAIQUIRI, please. If the D in each word is on the triple word score in the middle of the top edge of the board, I make that 114 points (since the Q will sit on a double-letter score)
    That’ll do nicely, thanks.

  10. Doctor Pockless beat me in today’s game – I blame the necessity to interrupt my thought processes with work and HTML – so naturally I am bereft.
    In other words, give me a GIN. It’s only 4 points, but just to make me feel better I’m going to pretend that I’ve got it on a triple word score square. So that’s 12. Woohoo.

  11. Finally! I’d boast about it flagrantly, but I’m scared you might mention the two previous games in which you completely abolished me, which might somewhat undermine the fact that I beat you by about 20 points today…
    But then, you’re only as good as your last game, and I’m the current Doctor Pockless v. Vaughan Scrabble Champion of The World!

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