September 26, 2004

My new instrument

I have been playing bass for as long as Tony Blair’s grin has been ruling* this country (or thereabouts) and for a few years now, I’ve been wondering where to go next. I considered a five-string, but whenever I’ve tried them out, I have been distinctly unmoved.
Going to fretless seemed like a suitable challenge, and a skill which I will be justifiably proud of, once mastered.
I introduce to you, the Aria Sinsonido AS-690B (fretless). Very light, and has an awful lot in common with an electric upright bass, most notably the piezo pickups built into the bridge. As the gentleman in the shop correctly pointed out, most people who go shopping for a fretless bass are looking for a double bass sound, and this instrument has it in spades.
Very reasonably priced, as well. Which means that I’ve already saved up for the next one.
I also want to know why no-one ever told me about Denmark Street before.

aria sinsonido bass, fretless

*for want of a better word


16 thoughts on “My new instrument

  1. Fretless bass? Ooh, very ’80s of you. I have no records featuring Pino Palladino (I think you need to be a Paul Young fan for that), but I do possess almost the entire Japan back catalogue, if you’re interested. Ahem.
    Nice bass, though.

  2. Personally, I like the way you nonchalantly hold the bass in one hand, while being sure not to let go of your cup of tea (well, I’m assuming it’s tea) in the other. Bravo.

  3. I’ve been known to drink vodka out of a mug. In fact, I’ll drink vodka out of just about anything that can be used as a drinks receptacle.
    It’s the vodka that matters, not what it’s contained in.

  4. Vaughan, I’ll bet you’ve got Music For Chameleons by Gary Numan (featuring the superb Mr Palladino on bass) hidden somewhere in the bowels of your music collection. Not that I’d expect you to admit it, of course.
    Nice bass, Pete. *Very* nice bass. Looks like something Picasso would play if he were a member of Visage.

  5. Gary Numan? Never! I may have dodgy 80s albums by Furniture and The Dolphin Brothers, but I am pleased to say that I’ve *never* owned a Gary Numan album. The mere thought of it breaks me out in a cold sweat. Really.

  6. Yes! Thank you, Irregular Ade – Ever since the man assembled the bass in the shop, I’ve ben thinking that it reminds me of something, and of course: it’s a Picasso bass.

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