September 27, 2004

Pock’s Away

For the remaining quarter of the year I shall be retreating to my hermitage in order to study ancient manuscripts, grow a long flowing beard in which to gather crumbs from my diet of sweet biscuits, and generally mutter to myself.

Doctor Pockless ties his bundle to a stick and retreats to an unknown location, for an unspecified amount of time. His doodles shall be sorely missed, as will the words that surround them.
In an unprecedentedly shocking coincidence, my brother is coming home next week, although whether or not it will feel like home after eight or nine years* of living abroad, is another matter. Thanks to various funerals and courses and whathaveyou, I have seen him so frequently in the last year, that I may start to miss him when he takes up residence in this country again.
*No doubt he will clarify the precise length of his soujourn in Poland and Hungary, if I am mistaken.


4 thoughts on “Pock’s Away

  1. “The remaining quarter of the year” is not exactly what I’d call “an unspecified amount of time” – it’s three months. October, November and December. But far be it for me to split hairs (or wield axes).
    The precise length of your brother’s sojourn in Poland and Hungary is January 1996 minus approximately 3 months spent back in the UK in the first two summers. Let’s call it 8 and a half years, of which 7 were spent in Budapest.
    Anybody know a place where an ex-ex-pat who arrives in less than a week can live in Bristol?

  2. I’m on it.
    I’ll get back to you.
    Are you after a houseshare, digs, or a flat of your own?

  3. Stuart – I’ve replied to your email.
    Vaughan – we’d better have that decider then, otherwise we’ll never know which of us is the Scrabble Champion of the World.
    By the way, did I mention that I was once beaten by the French Scrabble champion? He could barely speak English but knew all those made up 2 letter words that turn a 4 scoring hand into a lethal weapon. Possibly an ax.

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