September 8, 2004


Hello everyone,
there doesn’t seem to a topic this week, so I thought I’d float an idea to the Uborkites. NaNoWriMo, as many bloggers will know, is the International Novel Writing Month, a competition in which participants attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in thirty days (Nov 1-30). I’m joining this year, and my plan is to write one 2000-word chapter a day….and BLOG it!
My current plan is to post it on my own blog, but imagine if we all joined up…..and posted all our chapters here?!? Every day you could log on and watch a story take shape, make suggestions, comments, support each other’s efforts, it’d be fun! It could be like a theme week that lasts a month.
Anyway, check out the website and consider signing up- even if you don’t make it, you get a cool T-shirt! The more the merrier. You could even team up and play Consequences with it.


93 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. No time. No creativity and no inspiration.
    But good luck.
    You realise this makes you a blogger? You will have a blog.

  2. I took the line “My current plan is to post it on my own blog” to mean he already had his own blog, he just didn’t want to tell us where it is…

  3. Ah, it’s coming up for Nanowrimo time again! Is it that time of year already?
    Every year for the past three years, I have got almost as far as signing up for this marathon venture. Every year, I have failed to do so.

  4. I think I can commit to 200 words a day, so I just need 9 collaborators to make it a chapter…
    Not sure this is going to work.

  5. Year 1: Signed up and managed 30k
    Year 2: Signed up and spent the entire month bitching
    Year 3: Didn’t even bother.
    Year 4? I don’t know, I have a lot of free time on my hands now.

  6. I was going to create a blog specifically for the event.
    Pockless: Consequences worked well, I think it’d be brilliant. Lot of talent in this room.
    Adrian: Whenever I look at your webcam, you’re sitting around in your pants. You have time. You just broke up with gf. You have the inspiration.
    Vaughn: Joooooin us.
    D: You sound like a man after my own heart. Well you can’t have it. I need it to maintain my bodily function. But you should do NaNoWriMoBork.

  7. I don’t have time. I’m sitting around in my flat on my laptop or wathching TV. ie doing things.

  8. Er, so if 10 people decided to do this, then that would mean 20,000 words per day posted on Uborka, PLUS comments, suggestions, encouragements etc.?
    My head hurts just thinking about it.

  9. We could declare October a month of Uborka Silence where nobody posts, thereby giving us time to go back and read it all (including one’s own unproofed gurgitations).
    This has the added advantage of coinciding with a month in which I don’t expect to have Internet access (Dog forbid, and all that…)

  10. We could do a micro-version of Consequences for Nanowrimo, and each post ONE WORD at a time, which the next person has to follow, eventually creating a novel . . . by about the year 2012, probably.
    Great idea, isn’t it?
    Right then, I’ll start.

    *Note: I’m glad I’m reading this one word at a time rather than being faced with an entire novel ALL IN CAPS in 2012

    (incidentally, 20,000 words per day is a bit much, but I guess that’s why the Extended Entry feature exists.)

  13. Well, seeing as how I started this ridiculous single-word posting, I thought it was my duty to attempt to bring it to an end with a word that nobody could follow. And nobody can follow pants. Obviously.

    (I know it doesn’t make sense, but I just wanted to say ‘artichoke’. I also wanted to say ‘flibbertigibbet’, but ‘artichoke’ won out. I shall save ‘flibbertigibbet’ though, dont you worry)

  15. Hang on, so that makes it:
    Cauliflower season is increasingly voluminous, especially during the entrancing mating ritual of Hungarian lethargic garter-snakes.
    Astonishingly, while fishing for our pants in the bucket, where evil keeps lurking under fetid teeth, remained artichoke.
    And we were doing so well.
    Oh hang on, is this a Joycean homage?
    OK, as you were. As you were.

    *The hyphen was missing from Vaughan’s ARTICHOKE, n’est pas?
    Carry on, please.

  17. CRISPS.
    This is getting too like Ulysses. I may have to close comments shortly.

  18. Point to Mike: Artichoke could be a name. One of this novel’s main characters. Just a thought. Er . . . christ, my head hurts.
    I cannot follow CRISPS, by the way. Although I’m obviously thinking about it.

  19. I started this last year, wrote 10,000 words about a particularly depressing part of my life and then got writers block 🙂

  20. Thank heavens for that. I think the person who was perverse enough to start a one-word-at-a-time consequences novel in a comments box should be shot.

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