September 8, 2004

Truth and Beauty

Book #46 [or #47]* of 2004
I gave this fabulous book to Pete for his birthday, and when he had read it, he passed it to me. I’m a couple of chapters in, and enjoying the anecdotes but perhaps experiencing a few too many flashbacks to my own socially disastrous school life, and vivid memories of some very bad home-made clothes that my mum forced me to wear in the seventies.
The author is another one of the almost-famous people that Pete knows from university. The only almost-famous person at my university was Vaughan, and I didn’t actually know him at the time. I suppose if I ever read the Alumni magazine, which doesn’t seem to get delivered to me anymore, I might find that lots of my fellow psychology graduates are now stars of Big Brother or champion pool players. It seems so unlikely.
*So, I haven’t finished it yet, and also I’m reading Coastliners by Joanne Harris, concurrently.


4 thoughts on “Truth and Beauty

  1. *Almost* famous? 🙂
    I’ve consulted the alumni magazine from the University of Hell (oops) a few times; I’ve noted that no one from my old course – Drama – ever leaves an entry updating people on what they’re doing now. But Drama graduates have a special reason for doing this, in that they’re too embarrassed to admit that they’ve not ‘made it’ and become a famous actor or director, and instead are working as web producers. Possibly.

  2. stuart’s almost famous? that’s hot. the benefits keep piling on.

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