September 6, 2004

The Trial

Alfred was thrilled about The Terminal, though he would never get a chance to see it. He was looking forward to the Oscars. I didn’t want to shatter his daydreams by telling him what a load of puerile crap Spielberg’s movie was. I doubt he would have believed me anyway.

When I first read about The Terminal, I thought the premise seemed amusing but far-fetched, so I was interested to read about the man who has lived at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport for the last 16 years.
I’m curious to see the film, which Philip French describes as intermittently funny, but very long, but can certainly wait for the DVD.
Meanwhile, why doesn’t our local Blockbuster have a copy of The Princess Bride, which I have just finished reading?


10 thoughts on “The Trial

  1. The idea that Spielberg and Hanks could possibly say anything remotely interesting about the issue of displaced national identity is considerably more far-fetched than the “based-on-fact” premise…

  2. Um, yes, wait for the DVD.
    Don’t ask me why, but I went to see ‘The Terminal’ on Saturday afternoon. As soon as Catherine Zeta Jones appeared, I knew I’d made a big, big mistake.

  3. It’s everyone’s favourite movie, surely?
    The Terminal looked like it had a boring concept, and I was curious to see how Speilberg would make it interesting. Apparently, he didn’t!

  4. you need to sit down with your man and watch “princess bride”. it’s worth the trouble of finding it.

  5. Both being funny in their own way, equally….the book is brilliant. The movie is fantastic. And who doesn’t love a little Andre the Giant? Really.

    Maenad on September 6, 2004
  6. Will the volleyball return? If not, I’ll just wait for the dvd so I can skip bits…

  7. I’m surprised by the number of guys speaking out for The Princess Bride.
    Yes I have a copy on DVD, shut up. No I’m not going to go and watch it right now because you’ve put the idea into my head. I’m going to wait until NY-LON is finished first, then I’ll watch it.
    Oh sod off.

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