September 7, 2004

Glorious Mud

Tickets for Reading 2005 are now on sale, at the bargain price of £105 for the full weekend. Add to that £15 per night for a taxi home, and £2.30 each per day for the train fare over, and whatever we spend on warm beer [in paper cups, not plastic] and noodles, that comes to about [whirr whirr whirr] still not really too much, if they have good bands on.

And maybe next year won’t be so muddy, but who am I to assume that August Bank Holiday weekend will be dry? Alternatively, I shall just have to invest in some of those pink or floral wellies that the goths were wearing this year.

Ah, goth teenagers. With their cute matching facial piercings and their off-the-peg black t-shirts with slogans that proclaim them to be non-conformists. Just like the next one. I’ve never had a very good understanding of fashion, but I do understand that it is just as important for goth teenagers to wear the right brand of whatever, as for your standard pink burberried chav.

Anyway, it’s too late for me to learn now. And it all looks the same when it’s covered in mud.


12 thoughts on “Glorious Mud

  1. What’s this chav business all you resident-Brits are talking about these days? Is it the latest “acceptable” phrase adopted by the middle classes for the belittling of the masses?

  2. Yes, that’s exactly what it is. And you’ll be seeing them for yourself, soon, so get off yer high horse!

  3. But I like my high horse. It’s a perfect vantage point for fending off both your so-called chavs and the equally despicable English bourgeoisie who demean themselves by holding the less-advantaged in contempt.
    In the Kingdom of Pockless There Shall be High Horses for All!

  4. I don’t understand. This site appears to have been hijacked by someone called “Karen”, who is using it as some sort of personal blog. Where’s our theme?

  5. It’s a puzzle. This week Karen and Pete will pretend to blog all week on a range of ostensibly random subjects, and on Friday we had to guess what the theme was…

  6. Maybe it’s an experiment to see how long it would be before the good Doctor decided upon his own theme, made his customary first post, and we could then all join in?
    And Doctor P, may assist in your preparation for encountering the aforementioned chavs.

  7. Yes, I’ve seen that site, last time somebody referred to chavs here on Uborka…
    In deference to Mr. George Orwell, I think it’s time we sent one of our members among them to research and write a thrilling expose.
    I’ll take nominations for a witty title here (in view of the fact that I can’t think of one).
    I’m still not sure I approve, though.

  8. I would have liked to have been writing lots for you this week, but alas I am poorly and the computer screen hurts my little head, so this poem about trilbies is all that you are getting. Ahem…
    Trilby, trilby, trilby,
    A grown up hat you will be,
    Once you grow up, naturally.
    Right now you’re just a tiny trilby.

  9. It’s the cost of the rizlas that’s prohibitive when getting a high horse.

  10. Lyle’s hit the nail on the head, Mr. D. Though expensive, it’s only by getting the horse high in the first place that it becomes possible to mount with safety and ease.
    Nice poem, Pete.

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