October 22, 2004

Dry Friday

I don’t expect to be available for the service of cocktails this afternoon. So I’m leaving the bar open and you may help yourselves, perhaps with some sort of anecdote about something interesting that has happened to you this week.
Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “Dry Friday

  1. [leaps over the bar and starts making a mega-cocktail-shake with every type of liquor he can find]

    Destructor on October 22, 2004
  2. Go Destructor.
    Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters for all then?
    My anecdote will be from last weekend at the stag night. Whilst we were leaving the lap dancing bar we had to wait because, in the words of one of the younger members of the group: “Ma dad’s gettin’ a dance!”.
    Not everyday you hear that!

  3. I’ll have a snowball … again.
    Instructor> Do any of you have any injuries I should know about?
    All> No
    5 mins later,
    Adrian> You know when the instructor asked us if we had any injuries
    Craig> yeah ?
    Adrian> Do you think he included me dropping my snow bard on my knee and shin on the way to the snow dome. I

  4. “If a flurry was a flurry by any other name, would it not still be as cold?”

    Destructor on October 22, 2004
  5. Depends – would it be a McFlurry?
    I’m just going to drown this cold in vodka I think, Karen. I’ll clear up after myself. But there’s been very little positive stuff this week either, so I’ll refrain from depressing the others.
    *sits in corner with bottle of vodka*

  6. Ooh, an anecdote, eh? I’ll have two anecdotes then, washed down with a glass of water. Oh sorry, that’s Anadin. Not anecdote. Easy mistake to make. I’ve been in bed for three days with a feverish lurgy, barely able to walk to the bathroom and back. And browsing the net for my occasional entertainment. I should get out more. Ouch. Sentences. Full stops. Great, aren’t they?

  7. ITEM! Last weekend I got my very first (TM) tattoo. As part of the healing process, you stick this unguent on your tat-scab- a sort of salve.
    Today (in about five minutes- they have internet in the AOL waiting room! great idea) I have a job interview, so naturally I put on my best white shirt. I only JUST realised that the unguent has made the area of shirt above my tattoo (the nipple area) completely transparent! It really is like a little window in my shirt, going right to my nipple. I have to go through this interview with both the interviewers looking at my nipple and new, scabby tattoo.
    If they still hire me, I’ll know I found a good company. If they don’t, I know it wasn’t because of my lack of qualifications.

    Destructor on October 22, 2004
  8. LOL, let us know how the interview went. I’d probably hire you BECAUSE of the tattoo, bugger the qualifications (as an old boy at Eton once said.. allegedly)

  9. *realises it might be better to open the bottle and drink from it, instead of just looking at the bloody thing.*

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