October 21, 2004

What Not To Watch

My apologies if all this has been said already, but I have never seen the programme before. It was on while I was in the gym last night, and I watched it from the safety of my cross-trainer, with an increasing feeling of discomfort which was not attributable to the exercise I was undertaking.
I saw two thin, pointy women going round with a video camera, taping people bitching about their friend and colleague, a woman who was deemed to be too unfeminine ever to attract a man.
In retribution for this unspeakable crime, the pointy women played her the tape and asked her if she agreed that she was too unfeminine ever to attract a man. She looked quite justifiably hurt, but politely refrained from mentioning that she was already pretty damn comfortable in her clothes, and didn’t need two pointy bitches to tell her where she was going wrong.
What a bloody awful premise. I didn’t watch any more of it, but I imagine that they all went on a jolly trip to Top Shop and bought some unsuitable skimpy outfit, dyed her hair and plastered her in makeup, in an attempt to make her more comfortable with her own body. Then I imagine she was required to face all the friends who had said she was ugly and didn’t know how to dress, and claim to be over the moon that her self-image, self-respect, and identity, had just been shattered on national TV.
I know what would be a good idea for a reality show: find some kids who are being bullied at school, and follow them around with a camera watching people pick on them. The audience can then phone in with more bitchy remarks and undermining comments, and the prize shall be a piece of rope strong enough to hang oneself from the nearest coat hook.


9 thoughts on “What Not To Watch

  1. You’re so right. But what’s really disturbing is that they volunteer to go on this programme and be publicly humiliated. Masochists, the lot of them.

    annie on October 21, 2004
  2. Masochists get pleasure out of suffering. I don’t think that woman was enjoying herself at all.

    Karen on October 21, 2004
  3. I’ve seen the program vaguely from a distance and although I don’t necessarily disagree with the concept, it is very poor in the execution.
    A start would be having two presenters who dressed vaguely decently themselves.

  4. I walked into my friends lounge last night and said: “What’s this?”
    “Trinny & Tranny.”
    I thought (quite reasonably), that the show was about a woman and a transvestite who went around correcting people’s fashion fopahs, QE4tSG-style. As it turns out, my mates just thought Susanne looks like a dude-lady.

    Destructor on October 21, 2004
  5. I’m always disturbed by the way they grope the victim and tell them what wonderful tits they have.
    I say disturbed I mean… violently horrified to my core!

  6. Surely it can only be a matter of time before BBC3 broadcasts WHAT NOT TO WEAR UNCUT LATE NIGHT XTRA (or something), in which we get to see Trinny & Tranny groping other women mercilessly whilst driving them to tears.
    It WILL happen. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  7. Didn’t one of their “victims” call one of them a spychotic bint after hse had her knickers pulled down outside some changing rooms ?

  8. There is worse – try “The Swan” on Living TV.
    Take two slim, pretty young women with insecurity issues. Instead of slapping them about the head to remind them how lucky they are, offer them instead unlimited and totally unnecesary plastic surgery, liposuction, false teeth (sorry, “porcelain veneers”), a 1200 calories a day diet and a workout schedule rejected by the Marines as too harsh and after three months you have two ugly stick-thin plastic barbie dolls competing for something called “the parade”. No, I don’t know why I didn’t switch it off, I’m not normally known for rubbernecking at car crashes.

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