October 15, 2004


In celebratory anticipation of The Wedding of Graybo and Hels on Saturday, and The Wedding of Stuart and krissa on Monday, today’s cocktails are Wedding Cocktails.
Unfortunately no girls have shown up, and I did so think that girls loved weddings. The hats, you know, and the excuses for buying nice clothes. And the men in suits.
Okay, I’ll stop with the sweeping generalisations.
As always, Mr. D is drinking vodka. He’s never been known to drink anything else. It hardly seems appropriate to toast anyone’s nuptials with vodka, but when did we start being conventional, anyway?
Sevitz, the King of Sleaze and lately wannabe-assistant to Trinny and Susanna, is drowning his sorrows with a Snowball, possibly the most disgusting drink known to mankind. And I’ve tried Unicum.
It’s a rare delight to see Doctor Pockless stick his head above the parapet, and I’m only sorry that it’s five o’clock, not eleven thirty. Cheers.
I did look to see if there was a cocktail called a Benny Hill for Vaughan, but there isn’t. Surprise.
So, um, congratulations to the four of you. Please make sure that you each marry the right partner.
Anna showed up, but she was late. That makes her technically the bride.


7 thoughts on “Speech!

  1. Zwack have actually started marketing some kind of Unicum lite and seem to be targetting the female market…I haven’t dared investigate further.
    13 years in Hungary and I still haven’t come up with an Unicum based cocktail. Just what have I been doing with my life?

  2. The best possible Unicum based cocktail would be to put the unicum in the glass, then empty the glass into the sink and swirl it out with water.
    Adrian – if I remember, I’ll bring you what’s left of our bottle of unicum to the EOY party.

    Karen on October 15, 2004
  3. I remember in my first year at University, Mike came into a bottle of unicum – I think perhaps he stole it from his grandfather’s closet or something. Anyway, we were all sat around sipping this stuff, trying to work out if you were meant to drink it or put it on bullet wounds to keep them clean.
    We settled, unsurprisingly, on the latter.

  4. There are just too many vile mental images involved in this theme.
    Sorry I missed the drinks, but I was already considering the option that I should just get slightly pissed before travelling with Virgin Trains, and that way I wouldn’t care what time they eventually arrived.

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