October 15, 2004

Top Hat ‘n’ Tails

Anyone else for a drink? It’s a wedding theme today.


3 thoughts on “Top Hat ‘n’ Tails

  1. I’ll have a snowball please. As in “chance in hell”.
    That’s of finding a women to marry me. Not my thoughts on marriage itself.

  2. Can I please have such a large Smirnoff Blue that I won’t be able to Morning Dress myself tomorrow?
    R.S.V.O. (sorry, P.)

  3. i would like a champagne fountain, bubbling away in the background. Won’t drink it, mind, champagne is so last century. As are weddings, mostly.
    Wow. Lordy. Sounds like I should avoid anything with bitters in.
    Can I have a long Island Iced Tea, please?
    A lot of.

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